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Some of the most common things that are not covered by medicare are:

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Welcome to MedicareInsuranceTexas.com

Welcome to our website, your leading resource for Texas Medicare Supplement information. Reaching your 65th birthday brings many new challenges and surprises, most often it is a time of relaxing and enjoying life, and it should not be a time of confusion over your insurance options. That’s why we are here, to help you understand your options. 

Medicare is a blur to most seniors and looking at the different options and advertisements mailed out to seniors from an array of insurance companies and agents most times do nothing but overwhelm the sharpest of consumers. Do you ever feel like just tossing it all in the trash and just let nature sort it out? No worries, most seniors feel that way. Here is what we will do for you. 

First, we hope this website provides you a better understanding of what is about to happen like the fact that regardless of what you do or don’t do most if not all seniors automatically become enrolled in Part A of Medicare, this is the part of Medicare that provides your basic coverage. Also you should know that you should automatically have eligibility in Part B of Medicare, that’s the part that provides out patient benefits like doctor charges and testing. There is a small fee for Part B that is deducted from your Social Security benefits. We have provided more detailed information on Texas Medicare Eligibility to hopefully assist in understanding more about it. 

Regardless of where you live, be it Denton, Dallas, East Texas or Houston it all works the same and we have the same goal in mind, to provide you with the easiest to understand information to allow you to make a proper decision. It’s confusing, we know this, but keep in mind we are always here to help either by phone, email or just researching the information from our website. 

Senior Insurance comes in several ‘flavors” regardless of if you need information on Advantage Plans, Traditional Texas Medicare Supplement Insurance or Part D Prescription Drug coverage we have the answer, that what being in business since 1993 does, provides experienced, trusted answers to your important questions. 

We take our job in providing seniors with quality information and Texas Medicare Supplement plans very serious, so you don’t have to. Because of that we provide coverage from major known name brands like United of Omaha, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Gerber Life and Continental Life Insurance Company among others all to give you peace of mind that the company protecting you is not only established, but well respected. 

Again, feel free to research any topic on our site you want and when you are ready use our instant quoting tool and rate guide to see just what your options are. It’s free and you won’t get hammered with 10 different agents calling from bizarre locations. We are local, located right here in North Texas. Being born and raised in Texas we understand Texans and we understand what you are going through… and yes, it’s confusing, let us help you out today!