Texas Medicare insurance should be easy. Get the help and benefits you deserve today.

Texas Medicare Benefits

Texas Medicare insurance should be easy. Get the help and benefits you deserve today.

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What is the Most Popular Medigap Insurance Plan in Texas?

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

If you are like most folks in Texas, health care is an important issue to you. You know a little bit about Medicare- at least enough to know that you will most likely need to supplement your coverage with Medigap Insurance. Unfortunately, there are so many different plans, you’re not sure where to begin. What is the most popular Medigap insurance plan in Texas and is this the right plan for you? Understanding Medigap insurance and how it works with Medicare will help you make an informed decision if and when you decide to purchase a Medigap insurance plan.

What is Medigap Insurance?

Medigap Insurance, also known as Medicare Supplement insurance, is insurance that you purchase from a private insurer to help fill the gaps in coverage provided by Original Medicare. This means that it helps pay for some of the health care costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover like deductibles, coinsurance and other related expenses. Medigap insurance is different from a Medicare Advantage Plan because Medigap coverage only supplements Medicare while Medicare Advantage Plans actually provide Medicare benefits.

All Medigap policies are standardized by the federal government, meaning that every insurance provider must provide the exact same coverage for plans A through N. However, that does not mean that they must charge the same prices. As a result, there is much disparity between companies. It is always a good idea to stick with reputable insurance providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas or United of Omaha when purchasing your Medigap insurance. Simply because insurance providers must provide the same coverage does not mean that they are all dependable or reliable.

Plan F-The Favorite of Texans

In Texas, there are 10 Medicare Supplement Insurance plans offered- plans A, B, C, D, F, G, L, K, M and N. Each plan has slightly different coverage which is why it is so important to review each one carefully. Nevertheless, most seniors in Texas prefer Plan F as it provides the most peace of mind due to the fact that all deductibles, cost sharing and coinsurance are completely eliminated.  While this may be the best choice for many people, it may not be right for everyone. Make certain to review each plan carefully to recognize what is most important to you.

Monthly premiums vary considerably between plans. As a general rule, the more coverage you have, the higher your monthly rate. Nevertheless, there are a variety of cost saving strategies available that can make affordable Medigap insurance a reality. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas for instance has a Medicare Select Option that offers the same benefits as other plans but with discounted premiums. By agreeing to use Medicare Select Network Hospitals, premium rates are reduced saving you money. Also, a company like United of Omaha, which by the way is a Mutual of Omaha company, offers a spouse discount to help reduce some of the monthly premium.

Like most other states, Texas offers quite a few choices when it comes to Medigap insurance. While there are several different plans with slightly different benefits to choose from, Plan F continues to be the most favored Medicare Supplement plan in Texas. In terms of providing the best coverage with no hassle, no deductible, coinsurance or cost sharing, it simply can’t be beat. Choose a reputable, dependable insurance company that you can trust like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, review the available plans carefully and have peace of mind that your health care is well protected.

For additional information or to get a free quote on the most popular Medigap insurance plan in Texas visit our Texas Medicare supplement insurance website.

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Texas Medigap Plan F – Adding Benefits to Medicare

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

For those who are on Medicare, the recent changes to the way Medicare supplemental health insurance is handled have been quite beneficial. They have made it much easier for a person to obtain a supplemental policy, and be assured that it will do what they are told it will do. For instance, when one buys a Texas Medigap Plan F policy, they now have the assurance that it will actually cover 100% of the charges that are made to them from a doctor who does not accept Medicare assignment.

This is a tremendous change from the way that some insurance companies operated in the past. In the past, some unethical insurance sales people would make promises to their customers of things that a plan could not actually do. This made it very upsetting to many who purchased plans that did not perform as promised. Now with the regulations that have been imposed by Federal and State Laws, when someone purchases a plan like Texas Medigap Plan F or Texas Medigap Plan N, they get exactly what was promised.

There are several types of plans that one can purchase to supplement their Medicare insurance. From A to N, but one of the most popular is Texas Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans is F. This plan not only will add nursing care benefits, but it also covers the cost of deductibles that Medicare Part B imposes. In addition, it also adds emergency care for those who travel outside of the United States and it covers charges from doctors who do not take Medicare.

For those elderly and disabled individuals who must rely on Medicare insurance to cover their numerous medical expenses, these changes can dramatically impact their everyday life. All of the various plans such as Texas Medigap Plan F offer some kind of benefit to the way their benefits are handled. This generally can result in a savings in out of pocket expenses to those who are being covered. Since many of the people who are using Medicare are on fixed incomes this can be a very big factor in the quality of their life. Savings of any kind can be a tremendous help to someone who is ill or is dealing with some type of disease. With all that they must deal with because of their health issues, the last thing they want to worry with is how to pay for their medical treatments. With supplemental insurances, this stress can be eliminated.

There are 11 modernized plans available to those on Medicare and keep in mind that Plan F is just one of them however it is the most popular and most requested but there are other options. Before you lock in to this plan as the perfect plan for you I suggest you speak with a trusted independent broker to assist you in deciding if this plan is the correct option. It does offer the most security but doing a premium cost analysis would always be a good idea to insure you have the correct coverage, it is also a good idea to review you coverage options every year to guarantee you have the best policy at the best price.

For more information about Texas Medigap plan F visit www.medicareinsurancetexas.com

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